A Different Day

10 Jun


So, on Saturday, the kittens were all playing and posing away, not eating much, and still looser than I’d like but seemingly okay.  July did look a little bloaty low on her belly, but not bothered by it.

Sunday morning, she was awful.  Her butt was a mess and she was in terrible pain.  The others were uninterested in eating anything and looser than before in the stools.  The foster adviser had me take the full set to the Pet Emergency clinic because it the BEBHS’s vet’s weekend off.  The clinic just cleaned her up, gave most of the kittens some subcutaneous fluids, and advised me to use A&D ointment in a thin layer on July’s butt.  She was shivering with pain and twisted up.

Monday morning I packed them all up to BEBHS’s vet and left them there while I did an elementary school informal gig with Em, Alina, Bob, and Bruce, the piper.  I had no idea if I’d be getting 3 or all 4 kittens back.  A sort of Schrodenger’s kitten.

They all got a dose of subcutaneous fluids, and started some antibiotics.  I get to use Jax’s leftover antibiotic butt ointment on July.  They get I/D food for digestive difficulties.  They’re doing a trickier poo analysis for parasites that will take 2 days or so.  And July got some pain meds.  We go back tomorrow morning.



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