Back On Track

15 Jun


July is doing much better now.  They did some subcutaneous fluids Friday and I’m continuing oral meds for all and topical antibiotics on July’s back end.  Not only is the skin all scaley-peely on the back of the thighs, she got an infection between her toe pads that showed up Friday.  Now she gets a sink-soak a couple times a day, followed by sun-drying if possible, some licking time (by her or her sibs), then the topical ointment and some distractions.  She’s been gaining weight very well.  Last Saturday she was 855 grams, dropped to a low of 665 grams by Tuesday, and is up to 805 grams today.  Everyone else is at or above 2 pounds (907 grams).  She plays some but is grumpy if bumped or tackled.  She also strongly objects to all the medical interventions.  We both hope to not see the vet again until Monday.

Friday, the front desk person, Elaine, announced our arrival with “July is here again,” which sounds odd in mid-June.  I hope they all have their new homes by July.



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