Change of Plans

26 Jun


BEBHS has changed their routine again.  Now they keep kittens after surgery and have them up for adoption the next day, not waiting for the weekend.  July’s skin made them think better about doing surgery on her.  It’s not puffy or shedding in strings like it was, and she’s not bothered by it, but I can see taking stitches in it could be a problem.  And Jax and Jumbo had gotten so big, they really did want to get them out for adoption.  So they neutered Jax and Jumbo and had me take Jet home to keep July company.  July will get more antibiotics later this week and the two likely will have their spay’/neuter next week.  I was hoping for trimmed nails even though they didn’t have surgery, but they weren’t.  I trimmed them at home because my back is getting pretty sore.

Meanwhile, Jumbo went home to his new family this afternoon, so Jax will be the lonely one for a night.



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