From The WayBack Machine

29 Jun

shy velvet more shy velvetVelvet from way back when is now named Shy.  She has a sister named “Cutie”, and likes being under the covers.  It’s nice to see them all grown up.  This was the Veronica, Volcano, VI, Velvet, and Vernon set.

I will be picking up new meds for July shortly.  She’s been feeling good and her skin is healing, but it is slow.  She and Jet get pretty anxious when separated: when July has her bath they cry back and forth to each other.,  This morning, I took him with me when I gave her a butt-soak.  He patted the water and drank a little.  I asked about Jax when the shelter called about the meds and they said he’s pretty lonely, but very happy to be petted.


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