Spider Toy

06 Jul


This was probably some old carnival toy, with the bulb and air hose leading to a rubber curl under the spider: compress the bulb and the spider jumps and wheezes a bit.  They’re fascinated by it, although real bugs are better.

Jet was able to jump from the loft ladder over the closet blockers so I unblocked the closet.  Until then, the window sill was the best place.  Now the boxes of things in the closet share in being the best place.  The only place in the room they cannot reach is the loft.  Sometimes they fly out of the room if the door is opened, but, not knowing where to go they haven’t been hard to catch.  Yet.

The 4th of July firecrackers didn’t seem to startle or annoy them.

Today, July finished her week’s dose of antibiotics (orbifloxacin).  The skin is much flatter, but still with a small coating of bad stiff stuff.  Her belly is rather poochy.  She’s not bothered by anything though.

Jet managed to ingest a strand of my (very long) hair.  It came out, but made for a cat nightmare: the poop that chases from the litter box.



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