An Alarming Tale

12 Jul


This morning, the smoke detector in the kitten’s room was doing its “I’m failing!  Feed me a battery” beep.  Fire code required it to be it the most dangerous place to try to change it: way high up and not reachable from the loft.  At least I knew which alarm was beeping.  It can be very hard to locate a sporadic beep when code required so many of them.  We realized changing it with kittens underfoot would be a problem, so I sequestered them with a litterbox in the bathroom.  Bob got the ladder, broke a pot holding a cactus getting past it, and put socks on the top rails so as to not gouge the walls,  Then Bob checked the voltage and the beeping battery was at 9.08 volts and the unused batteries still in their packaging were under 9 volts.  One rechargeable 9-volt worked so he installed that.

I went to check on the kittens, figuring July could have her butt bath as long as she was in the bathroom anyhow.  I found that the rug was wet.  The litterbox was there, unused.  Puzzled, I looked around and saw the toilet seat was also wet: someone fell in.  I think it was Jet, so he got the first bath.  There are reasons to always leave the seat cover down.  Now everyone is back where they belong and the beeping is (temporarily) stopped.

July’s skin looks worse but in a smaller and smaller area.  Her thighs are nearly okay and her tail hair is growing back now (it had been kind of bald at the base).


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