July and Jet, Still Here

14 Jul

high lowI’m trying to keep them interested in new things that are okay instead of rearranging furniture, including the water bowl.  I’ll put a try under the water bowl so at least it doesn’t keep soaking the floor.  They can climb the loft pillar some and I keep draping different toys through the cylinder climbing thing.  Sometime recently, Jet has lost the thick eyelash whiskers over his right eye.  Now there’s just July to blame.  Jet also has had some loose stools, but not as bad as their first month or so.  It has been a while.
IMG_9857Jet discovered this little knit hat and fallen in love.  If I remember, it can go with him to his forever home.  His loudest purrs are while kneading it.  July’s skin is still not lovely, but hair is beginning to regrow in areas that have been or still are icky.



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