Don’t It Turn My Black Cat Green

23 Jul

greenie ***NEWS FLASH**** Friday will be spay day for July.  Very minor amount of nasty skin left and she wasn’t on the schedule ***end NEWS FLASH***

The extra panes of colored plastic Bob added to the loft window make for interesting highlights.

July’s skin test shows no MRSA now, but still some other bacteria, resistant to the 2nd but not the first antibiotic, so she goes back to the first antibiotic now.  At least there’s no flagyl so it’s not a hated awful thing.  Her skin infection is down to a very shallow small bad zone: she’s been healing despite an antibiotic that was not longer effective.

Both kittens have been really enjoying lap time, purring extremely loudly.  I gave them a paper bag which they enjoy AND are old enough not to be tempted to pee in it. They also enjoy escaping from the room every time the door opens.  I’m really hoping July is ready for spay tomorrow: it’s time for them to get their own home(s).  Together would be great, but not essential.

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Posted by on July 23, 2013 in Jax July Jumbo and Jet



One response to “Don’t It Turn My Black Cat Green

  1. Molly and Deb

    July 23, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    love the greening effect! and it almost looks like a thought bubble of a fish above her head.


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