07 Sep

loving hatThe kittens now know everything they need to know, for a few days.  They can drink from a bottle with either size nipple, they can eliminate when stimulated, and they can find their way back into the carrier, even if their eyes are not open.  They have fallen seriously in love with knit hats.  I foresee more things for them, but they seem satisfied.

They sleep for long periods.  Sometimes when I check on them, they’re wandering about the carrier, tumbling down the towels and over and under each other, but silently.  Sometimes when I fish them out for feeding, they’re still pretty much asleep.  A drop of milk in the mouth and they startle awake.  If an eye is openable, it opens wide.  Last night, I woke them for feeding and they went right back to sleep, or at least stayed quiet and I went to sleep.

The only concern is the bump on Green’s bum.  It only bothers him when I give him a bath to soak it, although the first time I did that, he purred.  We have a vet appointment for Monday.


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