Wobbling Kittens

08 Sep

fast stillBy the arms and towel, you can see that it was not the camera that was in motion.  When they tip over, their tail vibrate, their efforts to right themselves is so intense.   Their eyes are open now.  Soon I’ll move them to a bigger space than the carrier.  For now, I think they like the closeness.  They wobble a lot when they walk because their back legs are not yet strong.  So they try to walk, start to wobble, go out of control and tip over, flail a while and get right-side-up, get up and start again.  Below, there’s a video.

Vet visit tomorrow morning.  They’re still rather red, and the bum bump is still there, so I’ll be glad of professional advice.

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Posted by on September 8, 2013 in K kittens 2013



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