2 Weeks Old Today

13 Sep

milling aboutBack when they were little (ha!), if a kitten got both arms through the collar, I could easily just slip it down off the hips, untie, and retie it.  Orange’s slipped this morning and was snug around her chest: even before a meal it wasn’t going any further.  I untied it before feeding so there would be a little more slack, and then retied it.

They were all dressed up for their vet visit this morning.  When the vet opened the carrier they rushed out eagerly, assuming another meal was coming.  When it didn’t, just strongid, they made do with sucking the towel.  New name for the anal gland infection is “rump bump”.  It’s getting smaller and seems to be slowly getting reabsorbed.

Our nice scale stopped working this morning and won’t work even when plugged in with the adapter.  It was balky when I first brought the kittens home but then I thought it was batteries and operator error.  We have another digital scale, but I may get a new one again.

And a video.  There’s a good view of the rump bump.


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2 responses to “2 Weeks Old Today

  1. Molly and Deb

    September 13, 2013 at 6:51 pm

    They really look different now – so much more grown up! And their growth chart is reassuring too. Sure you don’t want Molly to lick them all?


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