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Reaching Out (or In)

the reachThe kittens all get a vaccination tomorrow, and the boys will stay to be neutered, then up for adoption Saturday.  At 2.5 pounds each, they’re ready.  The girls will come home and wait on weight: B&W Kimbwe is only 1.6 pounds, and the other girls are 1.8.  I trimmed the boy’s nails, front and back paws, but they’re big enough to really scratch if they climb or push off from a position on me.

Tonight is Halloween.  I have them some pumpkin trimmings from carving, and they didn’t act excited about it, but the next time I came in, all the pumpkin was gone.

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the cat conspiracyThe kittens have had a lot of visitors this weekend.  Em even visited them late last night with a midnight snack.  She was also their climbing structure, although she did annoy them with flash photography.

The kittens now eat the science diet canned food.  Sometimes I add water and ground up dry kibble, but they’re not very picky.  

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pre-concertThe kittens approved of Pat’s lap yesterday.  We were carpooling to a concert and she allowed some kitten time before leaving the house.  After a lot of chewing on each other and rushing around, some were ready to nap, but we had to leave.

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boxed setTwo boxes, joined with connecting holes, are better than one.  From such a rough start, these guys have become so normal and healthy.  This morning, one jumped the half-down barricade when I brought their breakfast AND had then had the presence of mind to jump back in to get his breakfast.  Some can jump into my lap when I am sitting on a chair.  Next week, for all I know, they’ll have wings and will fly about the room.


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Keiko the Climber

sunclimbThese kittens are now just waiting to be 2 months and 2 pounds.  They eat canned and kibble foods, drink water, use the litter box, most of them bury their business, chase string toys and balls, climb, jump…They’re close to being able to jump over the barricade with it fully up.  They don’t need me in the room to wake up and play.

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K Climbers

tall chairI set the tall chair up with a couple of large towels to make a tent, and found the rougher towel was climbable by all the kittens.  They’re active, happy, kittens, but did take a while to start gaining weight after I stopped with the bottles.  There was some barfing so I didn’t want to give too much at a time.  They still aren’t self-starters on kibble, or the girls aren’t, and the water probably gets walked through more than it is consumed.  For the last few days, I’ve been adding ground up kibble with water to the canned food and they’re digesting and gaining better.

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Suddenly, Kibble!

suddenly kibble is foodKibble just became food today.  They’d stalled out on weight gain with weaning, but that may change soon.  They’ve also gotten better about cleaning the dish, and thinking about the dish instead of trying to get food from my body.  Kibble is great because it can be left out without turning icky.  Also, it doesn’t coat their chins with a layer of crud.  Next, I want to see them drink water.  So many skills.

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