05 Oct

silver cat with strawThe kittens play with things now, chase and bat stuff, and hide in boxes.  I decided I’d better put one of my yarn boxes upside-down to keep them out of it. Unfortunately, I forgot to first check if anyone was already inside it.  A few hours later, I heard some scratching and let one of the boys out.  No damage done, to yarn or kitten.  I gave them a straw but they have yet to realize how awesome it is.

They’re good at the litter box now and sometimes are self-starting on food.  I’m going to reduce to just a morning and evening bottle–and do it after pushing food for everyone to reduce the aggressive grabbiness of hungry kittens.  They like felidae fine, which is nice because they have large cans which last a little while.


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Posted by on October 5, 2013 in K kittens 2013


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