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Season’s Over

winter coatKelly and Kibwe got adopted together yesterday,  I assume they are having a wonderful time exploring their new home together, and training their new family.  The foster room is tidied up and our home cats keep checking around: Nora a little wistfully, Commodore ready to snarl in case a kitten appears, and I can’t guess what goes on in Snuggles’ mind.  They likely will live kitten-free until March when the season starts up again.

Commie’s coat was fairly short over summer, but now she sports the full fluff ruff.  Even in Berkeley, winter is nicer with heavier clothes.

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Still Here

mousie dayKelly and Kibwe did not find their forever homes this weekend, but I found a fur mousie for them.  If I drop it in the cardboard box, one works like crazy to pull it up through the top and the other goes in the box and grabs it.  It appears to be as good a toy as a ball of yarn, and is one they can play with unsupervised.

They did complain more on the rides to and from the shelter, but once there, they settle in at the food dish and seem happy.

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Another Adoption Day Coming Up

Here’s a video to help advertize how charming they are. Tomorrow the girls go back to BEBHS for another adoption event.  They actually haven’t tried as hard to exit the room since the last event, and since I’ve let them join me sometimes in the bathroom when I take a bath.  They now know the outside world has a lot of water and smaller housing, not just cheese and canned food and laps.

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Waiting For The Next Adoption Event

two heads

Keiko Orange especially likes being on my head.  The other two enjoy my back and shoulders, but Keiko has higher aspirations.  She also tries to groom me.
hat sitterKelly Brown has taken to the Gorgon hat I’m knitting.  It’s not that big but she keeps diving inside it.  They all like playing with the knitted snakes and not-yet-knitted yarn.  This is another project to use up leftover balls of yarn.  I don’t mind them unraveling it about the room if it’s a small ball.  The yarn goes away out of reach if I’m not there, so it is a special toy.

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And Welcome Ks Back Again

Back in the lap

None of my three K girls got adopted this weekend.  They got successfully and neatly spayed, and had their first adoption weekend sleepover at BEBHS, but no new homes were found for them.  Given my activities this weekend, they probably got more attention and excitement than if they’d stayed at my house.  They have been enjoying the return to bigger quarters though, racing full steam across the room. It was probably warmer at BEBHS though so they’ll be enjoying the heating pad when they slow down and I’m not in the room to provide a warm lap.

Their toenails were nice trimmed, all 54 of them (including the dew claws).  Although they can still leap onto my leg or back, they cannot hang on by the claws and just slide down without puncturing me.


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Farewell to the Ks

farewellWe had a last breakfast, playtime, and lap time before I took them all to BEBHS for spaying.  They’ll be available for adoption this weekend.  If some don’t get their new families, they come back here for fostering.  In that case, I’ll need to pick up more food for them because we’re almost out of kibble and canned food.  If I clean the room, that will really jinx it, so the room is still off-limits for the home cats.


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Near The End of Kitten Season

reflectingWith the flag towel, this could have been “Reflections on Veterans’ Day”, but it isn’t.  Kimbwe B&W is still a couple ounces under 2 pounds, but should be at weight by Friday.  As for color changes, the long white hairs have not increased, but their muzzles are turning greyish.  They are all very silky and very happy, especially if I give them some cheese tidbits.  They purr fairly loudly–not as loud as some but enough to share how pleased they are.  They showed me they were able to get over the boards into the closet, so I removed the boards.  They’re very pleased to climb the boxes, fight each other on my shoulders, rush out of the room at any chance even if it means not being first at the food dish being refilled, help with knitting, or to sleep quietly on my lap.  They are a sweet bunch, and after their initial rough start, very healthy.  They are also probably my last set for this kitten season.

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The Boys Have A Home


The boys, Kent and Kahlo, have a home, together!  It perhaps didn’t hurt that they were discounting the cost of black kitties.  The girls are not reduced to living in cardboard boxes; that’s just a popular playspace for them.  Keiko and Kelly now weigh over 2 pounds, but Kibwe ia a couple of ounces shy.

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Just The Girls

quiet timeEveryone had their shots today and just the girls came home with me: the boys will be snipped and up for adoption tomorrow.  The was much more crying than normal at the vet’s.  The kittens had been taken out of the carrier one by one, given a shot, and then the girls in placed one holding area and the boys in a different one.  By chance,a boy and a girl were taken first, so those two kittens were all by their lonesome and the three remaining were probably calling them and sympathizing.

They’ve been a little subdued since coming back, but there was the vaccination, the being minus 2 siblings, and the usual midday nap time.  The boys will be on drugs and then have the excitement of a new place and people coming to maybe adopt them.  If they aren’t taken by Sunday, they come back here until the next weekend.

The girls’ surgery is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday.  Keiko and Kelly (Orange and Brown) will be ready but Kibwe is more marginal.

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