Near The End of Kitten Season

06 Nov

reflectingWith the flag towel, this could have been “Reflections on Veterans’ Day”, but it isn’t.  Kimbwe B&W is still a couple ounces under 2 pounds, but should be at weight by Friday.  As for color changes, the long white hairs have not increased, but their muzzles are turning greyish.  They are all very silky and very happy, especially if I give them some cheese tidbits.  They purr fairly loudly–not as loud as some but enough to share how pleased they are.  They showed me they were able to get over the boards into the closet, so I removed the boards.  They’re very pleased to climb the boxes, fight each other on my shoulders, rush out of the room at any chance even if it means not being first at the food dish being refilled, help with knitting, or to sleep quietly on my lap.  They are a sweet bunch, and after their initial rough start, very healthy.  They are also probably my last set for this kitten season.

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