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Ks Revisited

old times

Kent and Kahlo were adopted together by someone that has a kid going to the school where I volunteer.  She googled me and found my number (just as the humane society phoned me with hers) with a request that I do some social time with the kittens for a few days.  She’s out of town, leaving 1 older and cat-allergic son to do the food and litterbox side of things.  When I went to get the keys, the kittens ran past, but Kahlo stopped short and was all over me.  Kent came back and hopped on too.  I’ve been with former fosters before but they’ve never been so enthusiastic at greeting me.  Maybe the others did know me but weren’t going to act on it.

Kahlo is great at catching toys mid-air–probably not good for any birds visiting his balcony when he’s out on it.  He’s also the more vocal one, but still has a baby voice.  I managed to trim their front claws, after they were done playing wildly today.

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