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The Littler Litter


It’s very warm today, so I let them stay out on a towel after their drink and drain time this early evening.  The white one is Onus, Orbit is the black one.  Opera is all grey.  The three grey and white ones are yellow-tagged Orchard, orange Orchid, and blue (and red now, in cloth) Oriole.

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What’s In A Name

binkyName a kitten “Binky” and this is what happens.  BonBon has been sucking on his ear for over 10 minutes.

Everyone finally showed a big weight gain today.  Giving up bottles is hard on everyone.  Binky has had it worst, losing weight for a few days and having some barfing and dry heaves.  He was doing really well last night and this morning, some heaving midday, but mostly okay.  Betty knows how to drink water, and Binky seemed to be learning.

The tiny kittens are doing well.  They need attention for about 20 minutes every few hours.  They have been making the longest poops (for body size) I have ever seen, and are pretty relaxed and blase about their accomplishments.  I guess about 4″ for the longest one.




overlapThe shelter got 2 new litters of bottle babies, so I agreed to an overlap of newbies with my B group.  Things will be busy.  These six guys (3 male, 3 female) are 10 days old, born at a shelter, but I don’t know any more of their back story.  They eat and poo and in this picture need more cleaning.  (sorry about that).  They are Opera, Orchid, Orchard, Oriole, Orbit, and Onus, and 3 have collars because they look similar..  Their eyes are open or about to perhaps on some:  I’ve not had a lot of time with them yet.  Meanwhile, the B’s are showing off how well they play and how happy they are that I finally came back to their room: they look very big by comparison to the O’s.


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intense eatingI almost don’t need to use my fingers when feeding them now.  Sometimes I mush the food from the edges so they can find it, sometimes I pick out some chicken for Binky who is still small.  Binky had been snoring and sounding a little congested for a few days.  He barfed last night and seems to be doing better now.

It seems that everyone decided there should be a litterbox under the desk, so I put one there.  They were thrilled and kept messing about in it even if they didn’t need to go.  Well, Binky just acted like he was about to use the space in front of it, but I caught him in time.  It’s an experimental time.





Five weeks old now and the ears know it.  It seems the ears reach full size at this age, and later, the kitten catches up.  The 10 days they had without me got them unused to fiddle music though.  They leave when I start to play, come back when I talk, and some after that can settle on my lap.  They like my people voice better than the fiddle voice.

There have been no more hard biting incidents since I dumped the water bowl over a biter.  There is some food bowl defense, but it’s been non-violent.

So far, these are the tidiest eaters I’ve had: their faces have stayed clean.  They wash themselves and each other.

Their potty behavior has been excellent with the exception of the tower.  Someone peed in it, I cleaned it, and then caught Binky pooping in it.  It’s just the cloth covered base that incites this action: leaving it standing with just floor at the bottom is fine.  It’s less stable, but they’re too light still to knock it over.




laptimeI’m not entirely sure which body parts go with which kitten, but they were very happy cuddling all together last night.  Today, I was in a different room and heard kitten screams: Betty had a grip on Binky’s face and wouldn’t let go.  It has been Binky as biter before, and I couldn’t exactly tell what was happening, so I dumped the contents of the water bowl on them.  That worked, then I put more food in their mouths and  mopped the floor, which is cleaner now.

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Towering InPurr-no

occupy towerI brought the tower out last night.  Betty figured out how to get to the 2nd floor right away; no one else has so far.  I no longer lock them under the table when unsupervised–this is the first set that has not insisted on a litterbox by the door or other odd places.  Their digestion has been good.

They all eat some and sometimes forget how to use a bottle.  I think they’ll be weaned by the weekend.

Binky snores a lot.