27 Apr


Five weeks old now and the ears know it.  It seems the ears reach full size at this age, and later, the kitten catches up.  The 10 days they had without me got them unused to fiddle music though.  They leave when I start to play, come back when I talk, and some after that can settle on my lap.  They like my people voice better than the fiddle voice.

There have been no more hard biting incidents since I dumped the water bowl over a biter.  There is some food bowl defense, but it’s been non-violent.

So far, these are the tidiest eaters I’ve had: their faces have stayed clean.  They wash themselves and each other.

Their potty behavior has been excellent with the exception of the tower.  Someone peed in it, I cleaned it, and then caught Binky pooping in it.  It’s just the cloth covered base that incites this action: leaving it standing with just floor at the bottom is fine.  It’s less stable, but they’re too light still to knock it over.



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