What’s In A Name

30 Apr

binkyName a kitten “Binky” and this is what happens.  BonBon has been sucking on his ear for over 10 minutes.

Everyone finally showed a big weight gain today.  Giving up bottles is hard on everyone.  Binky has had it worst, losing weight for a few days and having some barfing and dry heaves.  He was doing really well last night and this morning, some heaving midday, but mostly okay.  Betty knows how to drink water, and Binky seemed to be learning.

The tiny kittens are doing well.  They need attention for about 20 minutes every few hours.  They have been making the longest poops (for body size) I have ever seen, and are pretty relaxed and blase about their accomplishments.  I guess about 4″ for the longest one.



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