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Fun Time

 jungle catsConfined spaces make good play spaces for Orchard–less clunking.  He is a happy  camper however.

I gave them some ‘chicken soup for the kitten soul’ canned food and they were thrilled.  I have reduced the number of bottle feedings and stopped the 3 a.m. feeding.  I will get more fancy food and they will be weaned soon.  They all eat kibble and are self-starters on that so I’m hoping for no big problems with the feeding change.

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Sleepy Time

Just a video of sleepy kittens.  May cause drowsiness.


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Orchard In Motion


Orchard still tips but there’s less of a clunk.  He’s very muscular now.  Just sitting still takes a lot of control, so lying down is really his main way to relax.  Oriole is in the background, chomping down kibble.


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what light throuhgh yonder window breaksOnus figured out how to get up in the tower.  Then, as I was reviewing the pictures, I realized he was purring in my lap.  They all play a lot now.  Orchard rests more than the others, but I think he is using more muscles all the time he is active, trying to control his motions.


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More Playtime

potty partyThey are awake more of the day to play more of the day.  They’re all getting stronger.  The two-tone kittens like kibble and all are happy to eat canned food off my finger.  Onus and Orbit will even eat from a dish.  I will continue with bottles and see if a gradual weaning avoids the weight loss problems.  They are 5 weeks old now and have huge ears and decent hearing.

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clip artThey are all doing very well today.  Orchard has been flopping around exploring the room and wrestling with any kitten who stays in reach.  Oriole’s butt has gotten well.  Onus uses the litter box, as do the others, most of the time.spelunker

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Orchard’s World

watchingThis title because it reminds me of Wyeth’s painting, Christina’ World.  Orchard can get around with a lot of flopping, or move slowly.  Yesterday, we found that if we focus on keeping the front legs out to the front, there is less tipping over.  (Orchard is labeled male, but this litter is much less obvious than some and my gender pronouns may be random.) (Video below.)

Most of the kittens use the litter box most of the time.  Oriole oozes though so he still makes a mess.  I don’t know if Orchard gets in the box on his own, but he knows what to do if he needs it when I put him there.

Onus will eat canned food without using my fingers.  Most of the others will eat some, but need starting.

Their ears are starting to grow big now that they are in their 5th week.  They are playing with each other a little and getting interested in shadows and in hitting things.

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Cheery O’s

snug a bed

They are all doing well.  Litter  box learning is slower than some litters, but perhaps some of that is from the numbers: with 6, I’m often feeding someone when I see someone else start to crouch.  White Onus is especially good at running to the far corners of the room to pee.  And I can’t expect Orchard to climb into the litter box, although she is good at climbing in tight spaces.  A dished ramp might work for her.

[Thank you, Felix, for the title.]

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Cerebellar Hypoplasia


That’s what Orchard probably has, possibly due to her mom having an infection while Orchard’s cerebellum was developing.  If she gets intent on something, she may start shaking, and she tips over a lot.  She’s learning to lean on things, and she does manage to travel, but it is difficult.  Cats with this problem do learn to compensate, and it is neither progressive nor contagious.


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logo placementEveryone was weaker Monday and all got some subcutaneous fluids.  Now everyone is stronger and drinking KMR eagerly.  I also started giving them some canned food, which most are eager to eat once it’s in their mouths.  Some even eat from my fingers.  No one eats from the dish.

It seems most leave the bed for potty needs.  Some even enter the litterbox, which is hard to avoid but easy to exit.


Orchard is done with the antibiotic but still flops when she walks–she does get a step or two before tipping and manages to get a lot of distance, inelegant though the travel is.


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