B’s Are Not Yet Well

07 May

cat jigs

But they are feeling better most of the time.  Betty and Bono got the runs too–Betty was very cramped for a while  They had a 1 o’clock vet visit and all got some subcutaneous fluids and two prescriptions: panacur and ponazuril, both for parasites.  They now feel better more of the time.  .  Betty was feeling better when I started to practice and was able to get onto the jig set.

Bonbon especially has been making a crunchy tooth sound when he talks or eats.  I assume some baby teeth are either growing in weird or getting loose.  Google says the baby teeth fall out at three months, but Ive heard this nasty grinding sound from this age (about 7 weeks) before and it was not a problem.

The O’s continue to wake every few hours, eat pretty well, and poop copiously.  They’ve been getting a daily bath and feel nice for a while.


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