No Longer Overlapped

09 May

blue puppy to the rescueBinky is getting more meds now but with someone else:  the B’s have a new fosterer.  I’ll miss them, but it’s better for both litters to get more attention.  The O’s had been getting into butt-sucking, which was causing problems and making much of the mess.  I moved them to the under-table spot, after much cleaning of everything.  This lets me sit on the floor with them, taking them out to the sink for cleaning is easier, and I made them an open bed space instead of using the carrier so I can see what they’re doing.  Then, since they still nuzzle each other all over, I added some knitted items to knead and blue puppy to snuggle under and they have been cleaner and more ready to eat so far.


Oooo...a comment!

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