Only O’s

11 May

hanging outAmong the other changes in their lifes, the shelter ran out of KMR and gave me NutriVet.  It mixed up nicely, and while I was blending it with KMR for a smoother transition, the kittens ate it okay.  Today, it was pure NutriVet and they mostly stopped eating.  Oriole did drink, and later barfed, so I went back to the last can of KMR I had.  At first they were “No, thanks” and then “Wait! YES! YES!”  So I’ll return the rest of the NutriVet powder to the shelter and see if they have more KMR.  If not, I can get some at Pet Food Express.

More of them are catching on to using the litter box.  I think it was Orchid who was spinning in circles in the box while pooping, so extra points for creativity.

Orchard is on antibiotics for a few more days for her butt infection.  It’s looking pretty good, but she’s been having trouble walking without tipping over or faceplanting.  I’m hoping it’s just soreness that makes leg motion awkward.  I think she’s doing better, but I will have them in for another vet check next week.

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