14 May

logo placementEveryone was weaker Monday and all got some subcutaneous fluids.  Now everyone is stronger and drinking KMR eagerly.  I also started giving them some canned food, which most are eager to eat once it’s in their mouths.  Some even eat from my fingers.  No one eats from the dish.

It seems most leave the bed for potty needs.  Some even enter the litterbox, which is hard to avoid but easy to exit.


Orchard is done with the antibiotic but still flops when she walks–she does get a step or two before tipping and manages to get a lot of distance, inelegant though the travel is.


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2 responses to “Eaty-O’s

  1. Felix

    May 14, 2014 at 9:12 pm

    What will you title the post when they are happy?


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