Orchard’s World

21 May

watchingThis title because it reminds me of Wyeth’s painting, Christina’ World.  Orchard can get around with a lot of flopping, or move slowly.  Yesterday, we found that if we focus on keeping the front legs out to the front, there is less tipping over.  (Orchard is labeled male, but this litter is much less obvious than some and my gender pronouns may be random.) (Video below.)

Most of the kittens use the litter box most of the time.  Oriole oozes though so he still makes a mess.  I don’t know if Orchard gets in the box on his own, but he knows what to do if he needs it when I put him there.

Onus will eat canned food without using my fingers.  Most of the others will eat some, but need starting.

Their ears are starting to grow big now that they are in their 5th week.  They are playing with each other a little and getting interested in shadows and in hitting things.

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