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All Eyes

IMG_20140731_165448Greykin-Gipper is going to be a very fluffy cat.

Smudge-Gryffindor’s eyes are now little almond slits.  I may try moving them to a sub-space in the under-table zone tomorrow.

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Climbing Time

IMG_20140730_154010Phantom-Godric went right back to bed after this feeding, but the other three were happy to climb around.  Gipper-Greykin’s eyes are still a bit almond-shaped, and she still has that sort of stoned unfocussed gaze.  Phantom-Godric and Blaze-Gallifrey have eyes fully opened, but it’s hard to say how much they steer by sight.

Today has been a day of much input and output for the kittens.  Some of them are taking in 2 or 3 teaspoons of KMR at a time, although not every time.  Phantom-Godric was getting very round and tight over the last few days: today the output prcessing kicked in to full and frequent gear.

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Bad News

Gandalf started acting weak yesterday afternoon.  His belly button had been getting what looked like a bigger scab, but it was not inflamed.  Then he didn’t suck well for two feedings in a row, and so I called around and ended up changing a fiddle play-date into a trip to the 24-hour vet.  They tidied his belly button and stitched it shut, but admitted it was not a good sign.  He got subcutaneous fluids, an antibiotic, and oxygen.  He was a little perkier by the time we left, but was fading again by the time we got home.  I’ve seen the fluids give them the time to heal if they are able, but he only rallied a little.  I did a small tube feeding at 11, and when I checked at 1, he was dead.

I took the others in for a check up today and they’re all doing great.  They got some flea poison and I got their shelter names.  Blaze is Gallifrey, Greykin is Gipper, Smudge is Gryffendor, Phantom is Godric, and Gandalf was Gandalf.  I also got their genders confirmed: Phantom-Godric and Gipper-Greykin are the only females.


Smudge, The Explorer

IMG_20140728_135636 IMG_20140728_135644IMG_20140728_135647Em got to meet the kittens today.  Only Phantom’s eyes are open, but all five march about with the same determination.  They’re tiny all-terrain tanks (not amphibious).  They may be teething, or just ever optomistic about finding bottles.


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Opening Soon

IMG_20140727_140945Phantom’s right eye is opening–I can just see a little glint there.  Gandalf is a little teary, so he’s probably going to have open eyes very soon, too.  They are sleeping more soundly now, meaning the sounds are less frequent.  They’re loud when they do squeek up.  Greykin has a hoarse, smokey voice–she’ll be singing blues in a cat cafe some day.

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IMG_20140725_190038If they wake up on their own, they’re hungry and climbing the door.  They’re getting pretty settled in.  Gandalf even found his way over to me and climbed up, to let me know he was ready for a bottle–he had needed to empty out before eating.  Everyone has pooped.  Everyone eats most of the time a bottle is offered.

And here is a picture of Greykin.IMG_20140725_191208

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IMG_20140724_160722BlazeIMG_20140724_160706To answer Connie’s surprise, starting a few years ago, the shelter wanted names to be unique, so they started assigning and tracking names.  For a while, they did catagories, but found matching initial letters to be an easy way to refer to the kittens.  I had a Binky this year, but had one years ago with that name because everyone else in his litter suckled on his ears.  His adopter kept his name and he was a very big Binky.  Sometimes I like the shelter names, sometimes not so much.

I give names by collar colors or looks because it helps me identify who is doing what.  For instance, Greykin has not pooped yet, that I’ve found.  He’s not bloaty and is gaining weight reasonably, so I don’t think he has a problem, but I’m watching him a lot.  Usually I transition to the shelter names.



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