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Lazy Play

IMG_20140829_145557Blaze-Gallifrey really enjoys a belly rub and afternoons are pretty laid-back.  The black and whites all started eating kibble this morning, and everyone was able to eat breakfast without using my fingers.  I’ve not found any recent out-of-the-litterbox experiments.  They now have all their cat skills.  They just need to gain weight, get fixed, and find homes.

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IMG_20140828_134742I put my knitting on top of the tower, so Greykin-gipper figured out how to climb up.  I think I need the knitting on the floor for her to get down.

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So Far It Is A Normal Day

IMG_20140826_080227They eat, they sleep, they play.

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Something New Every Day

IMG_20140825_204540Today, everything started out fine, and the kittens are fine now.  We went to a late lunch with my husband/s former co-worker, during which time his rental car was broken into and priceless data and pricey data collection tools were stolen.  We got home and a friend of mine came to see the kittens, who enjoyed being on her lap.  Then later in the evening, some kitten started screaming, from by the big white table-cage area.  I look and no kitten visible, yet the screams continued.  Either Phantom or more likely Blaze got wedged in the 1 inch space between the table and the wall, and once in he couldn’t back up.  I had to add my screams to the screams to get my husband to help move the table.  We ended up having to remove the books and a lot of stuff from on top.  Then we cleaned up the area and shoved the table back, replaced the books, and I added a manila folder blocker to the narrower area, just in case.

I just can’t trust these guys.

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She Eats!

IMG_20140824_105424And gets petted.  Greykin started feeling better last night, and finally started taking a bottle (and aspirating a bit) and swallowing food from finger feeding.  Today she’s been chowing down like I’ve been starving her and gone up from 320-some grams to 360.  At one point, I thought she might eat tne tip of my thumb, but when I finally got free, she’d bruised but not punctured it.

Smudge continues  to do well, except for trying to get me to place a litter box right in the doorway.

I did a second tier on the chair hammock.  This one was really simple: a washcloth with strings sewn on.



Oh, I forgot to mention the earthquake.  6.1 but not too near.  Here it was just noise and wobbling, and I did not hear a y concerns or complaints from the cats or kittens.IMG_20140824_105516


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Greykin’s Problem

IMG_20140823_102535Greykin-Gipper has often had a problem of clenching her jaw too hard to eat when she has intense feelings, such as hunger, perhaps.  This morning, while fighting for and against the bottle, she got her front paw caught in her mouth and we had to wait for her to release it.  So, I decided to try a 1cc syringe (no needle) because she is wanting to eat and able to digest.  It works well.  I don’t do a lot at one time because I worry about her barfing, but so far, so good.

To take this picture I further annoyed her by turning and tipping the tower to get some light in there.

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Upward Bound

IMG_20140820_164639Finally, a day when no one lost weight (yet).  Today they are all perky and eager to eat.  Gipper-greykin still clenches her jaw when she’s feeling intense about whatever, so she has some trouble getting food in, but she has done that ever since ever.  This morning, they woke up before I had food ready, so I brought both bottles and canned food.  I was able to shovel canned food into each faster than I could have bottle-fed them, and some don’t need much encouragement to eat the a/d canned food.  Then I was able to bottle feed them with less fighting and panic.

There have been no floor messes for a while, so I put up the tower.  Phantom and Smudge especially like it.

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 12.01.17 PMTheir growth chart, now that it’s better.

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