Nomity Nomity

17 Aug

IMG_20140817_094516Playtime with the boys together has to be strictly monitored, but any biting over the belt is fine.  They also eat the a/d food quite willingly, if it’s on my finger anyhow.  Phantom-Godric has to be in charge when she eats: holding the bottle or diving in to the food once she’s started on eating.

They’re all trying to use the litter box as needed, or at least crouching and looking distressed so that I transport them there.  They use it when shut in the caged area.

I took the paper blocking off the bottom of the cage front because it was getting groady and I thought they were big enough.  Smudge-Gryffindor and Greykin-Gipper apparently can get through.  I’ll do something in cloth or plastic that might be easier to clean, but if they’re good about the litter box, and the boys stop their bad habit, I may not need the cage.

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Posted by on August 17, 2014 in tiny Gs 2014


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