Something New Every Day

25 Aug

IMG_20140825_204540Today, everything started out fine, and the kittens are fine now.  We went to a late lunch with my husband/s former co-worker, during which time his rental car was broken into and priceless data and pricey data collection tools were stolen.  We got home and a friend of mine came to see the kittens, who enjoyed being on her lap.  Then later in the evening, some kitten started screaming, from by the big white table-cage area.  I look and no kitten visible, yet the screams continued.  Either Phantom or more likely Blaze got wedged in the 1 inch space between the table and the wall, and once in he couldn’t back up.  I had to add my screams to the screams to get my husband to help move the table.  We ended up having to remove the books and a lot of stuff from on top.  Then we cleaned up the area and shoved the table back, replaced the books, and I added a manila folder blocker to the narrower area, just in case.

I just can’t trust these guys.

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Posted by on August 25, 2014 in tiny Gs 2014


One response to “Something New Every Day

  1. deb and molly and fuzz

    August 26, 2014 at 6:51 am

    so glad ended well for the kittens, too bad it couldn’t have been a better ending for the friend who lost his computer data and tools! What a traumatic day!


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