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The Pen Is Mighty…

IMG_20140929_110646Interesting.  I just hooked the one they were playing with onto the hammock string.


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Perfectly Normal

IMG_20140928_094959They’re just a normal pair of kittens with a short box.

Smudge is back up to his highest prior weight, so he just has to catch up on the gains he should have had.  He is working diligently on this.

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Much Better

IMG_20140927_104445Even after just one dose of flagyl, Smudge was perkier.  He’s digesting well and gaining weight–back to 880 grams after being down to 822.  Of course, a week ago, he was at 978.  But he’s working on it.  They both have been enjoying having multiple small chicken-enhanced meals in the day.  Bonus video



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IMG_20140926_105537No real clue what’s wrong with Smudge, so he gets flagyl for a week.  It sometimes helps with digestion and against many bad gut critters.  He’s been eating and drinking okay, even eating kibble again, but not digesting very well.  They would like a sample of his output sometime soon.  He’s a little less active than before, but pretty perky and still playing.  It could even be he’s just missing his bigger siblings.  I had a litter once where 2 got sick after separation and well when re-united.  I wonder how the two that were adopted are doing.

They like the robe and the chair, often settling in behind me to be my butt-buddies.  They seem to prefer it to lap or shoulder perching.


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It’s Never Entirely Smooth Sailing

IMG_20140924_090943Smudge stopped gaining much and then started losing weight.   He never stopped playing, but he lost interest in eating.  So yesterday I tried all sorts of treats, many of which he liked, and then he barfed.  Today I  bought and cooked them some chicken and they’re eating it up.  Smudge is a little under 2 pounds, but that should be temporary.

I don’t know if the problem was the shots Friday, losing the two bigger siblings to forever homes on Sunday, a change in cat food flavors, or illness.  Once a cat stops eating though, you need something really good to kickstart their appetite.

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Just Two

IMG_20140922_154904And Smudge is spoken for.  The bigger two got adopted this weekend.  Even Greykin is over two pounds now, so surgery should be this week and Greykin will be on the adoption circuit.  She’s gotten very good at the running leap, bounding from the stool to the tower or vice versa and flying about the room.

Yesterday, I had a platic water bottle.  At first they were a little freaked by the loud crinkle sounds it made, and they just played with the cap.  Then it became a great toy.  I put some kibble in it to add motion and noise.

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IMG_20140920_100912The kittens and I had many visitors today.  Betsy brought the best shoes they’d ever tasted: old leather-strap tevas.  They love feet, socks, and shoes and it’s easier to not step on them if you are barefooted.  And although they won’t bite a foot, they sometimes bite a sock.  They learn what bits hurt by the reactions and they try very hard to be gentle with us thin-skinned people.

The big guys did not alter much with alteration.  Everyone is into everything.  Tomorrow is the adoption fare–Blaze and Phantom will be available for free.  If not adopted, the have to stay at the shelter overnight because the shelter expects to be very busy. So more than usual, I’m hoping they find their forever families.


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