Door Play

13 Sep

IMG_20140912_163647Everything can be a toy.  Doors can bring some mystery into playing with your siblings.  They’ve had a lot of visitors spend a lot of time with them–one of whom will likely adopt one (or more?).  When the kittens finally crashed this afternoon, they were out for a long time.

The shelter said I could just bring the anti-parasite meds to the kittens instead of hauling the kittens all to the shelter, so that’s what they just woke up to.  They’re good about me squirting the meds into their mouths, but they look like they think it’s pretty strange:  “Mom’s gone crazy, but it happens.”

Blaze-Gallifrey reached 2 pounds today.  Smudge-Gryffindor is 1 pound 11.5 ounces.  Next weekend is a big fundraiser event so they may take Blaze even if the others are not ready–heads up to potential adopters.

And a video–Grey Queen of the Paper Bag:


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