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Kitten Action

A video of the boys, playing.  Their main symptom now is their back legs are weak and wobbly.

They’ve been having a good time.  They won’t notice Halloween because they won’t be a part of it, despite being adorable black cats.

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Still Perky

IMG_20141030_103011They have continued to eat, play, explore, and purr.  They are delayed in that they don’t use the litterbox and instead and instead wait for their cotonball and warm water bidet. And they do wait.  Zifra and Zinky are now over 400 grams; Zooch is 361 and his eye is still funky but not botbering hiim.  And he’s not bothering it, so I don’t tnink I’ll need to make a protective collar for him.

I also have a cute picture of them sleeping–just sleeping so don’t panic.IMG_20141029_133742

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IMG_20141029_122253The kittens all test positive for panleukopenia, which accounts for Zinky’s blood-tinged loose poop.  It is nearly always fatal in kittens.  The FVRCP vaccination, which Zooch and Zifra got today would protect against it.  They were going to at least put Zinky down today because he is symptomatic, but decided I could keep all three as long as they seem reasonably happy.  They have been through so many ups and downs but had been mostly up for over a week.  If they fade, most forms are fast, and the shelter can keep them from suffering.  They have a chance, but not a big one.  The disease is just a cat thing, and our home cats are vaccinated.

The other issue, that I thought was more major last night, was that Zooch’s right eye was all cloudy and sort of cut looking.  He also seemed to be hurting, but did calm down after warm compresses and extra holding.  It was better this morning.  Turns out, he has corneal ulcers, probably due to a herpes infection.  He has eye drops that are a general sulfa drug for now and will be getting more specialized drops Friday, if all goes well.


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IMG_20141028_161420Everyone chews on everyone.  They are all doing pretty well now.  They eat a lot and process it reasonably well.  They have an appointment tomorrow and will probably get strongid and ponazuril.  I’ll try to remember to get them some canned food too.

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Getting Big

IMG_20141027_113107Their ears are open and up now and they’re starting to play and explore more.  Everyone is over 300 grams now and growing.  Everyone poops even though it’s not the best poop (rocks or streams).  They still suckle on each other, but they are starting to devlope other interests.IMG_20141027_113233

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Tastes Like Chicken

IMG_20141024_153901And it is finger-suckin’ good.  I cooked some incentive chicken today to start them on flavors other than KMR and each other.  The boys especially approve of it.  They’re only 3.3 weeks old, so it won’t be a big part of their diet yet.

Everyone is eating well again–two days in a row.  Zifra May have decided to never poop again, but maybe she’s the one who used the litterbox, or the one that at least got out of bed before pooping.


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Wobbly Lines

IMG_20141023_123911Their alertness and activity are increasing.  They often walk out to the front for feeding, and even climb my legs (I’m sitting on the floor, so it’s not that big a deal).  Zifra especially plays with her paws and attacks her brothers.  This group stares up a lot too.

Zooch looks particularly bad on the chart: he actually lost weight when he had been eating well, then yesterday he stopped that and had problems.  Zinky was probably the one who puked, because I found some evidence on his mouth.  Or the mess could have been from the other end of someone else.  Anyhow, Zinky was demanding food but not sucking, and was having rattly breathing all afternoon and evening. I finally tube-fed him 3cc and he started sucking on his own the next feeding.  Today there’s been no wheezing. And since late last night, everyone has been eating enthusiastically.  Zooch has gained 10 g since the morning weigh-in.

z weights

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