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Meeting New Shoes

the shoes are watchingIf only the litterbox were as interesting to visit.

(just found some drafts from the past)

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IMG_20141231_121809 The Zinkster was looking quite regal on the pillow I brought down so I could be more comfortable spending time with him last night–we were mostly gone that day.  I couldn’t find a crown, but the lei looked good.IMG_20141231_121906

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Mighty Bitey

IMG_20141229_193429~2Zinky enjoys full days at home. We’ve just discovered a piece of aluminum foil bent but not smooshed into a ball can be blown instead of thrown, for a mysterious life-like action.

He’s learned to climb and descend the loft ladder, but didn’t go all the way up to join my sister when she stayed over.

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Laser Chaser

IMG_20141228_203353Zinky let it be known that he wanted the laser dot in this corner of wall by the mirror, perhaps so his mirror friend could play too.  As you can guess, he as not adopted this weekend.  He’s very sad and subdued at the shelter, which is not good p.r.  At home, he’s all cuddles and play, welcoming strangers and familiar people. IMG_20141228_203413

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Two-Mode Cat

IMG_20141227_124534My sister is visiting and Smudge is visiting, so they played patty-cake.  Smuge wears a harness and leash to curtail his ambushing the home cats.  He’s out at a role-playing party tonight (with Mackenzie).

Zinky still wasn’t adopted, so he also got to meet my sister, and her boots.


Zinky is very subdued at the shelter. He misses his siblings and his home zone.  He plays a lot with anyone visiting in his room, enjoys cuddles, and chats, but as soon as he’s in the carrier headed for the shelter, he just goes into a waiting mode.  He was running laps in the room this evening.IMG_20141227_203052

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Fetch, The Video

Zinky is very good at fetch.  He often even drops the toy in my hand.  His favorite thing to chase is the fur (not plush) black and white mousie.  Tomorrow is another adoption day.  I’ll bring the mousie with if it isn’t lost.

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Fetching Kitten

IMG_20141222_194529~2And a silly photo.

Zinky decided that teaching me to play the tosser side of fetch would keep me more focussed on him.  He will bring me the fur toy and wait for me to throw it.  He then chases it, grabs it, plays with it some, and brings it back for more.  The first time I toss it onto or into something, I have to show him where it went, but he learns.

He is also getting very sleek fur from all the extra petting.  He is an elegant cat.   He is very alert to sounds outside the room, and is a lot more talky.IMG_20141222_180358~2

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