Back From The Vet

05 Dec

IMG_20141205_111847Their vet visit was fine, but a long wait due to vacations and sleeping in.  It was the kittens’ nap time anyhow, so they were fine.  I got a lot of knitting done.  They’re scheduled for neuter and enucleation (removing the bad eye) next Thursday.  So Zooch will lose 3 balls, but will frankly look better, and rather pirate-like.

They are all over a kilogram now.  Zooch had been hovering about 2 pounds and suddenly gained.  They were wormed again, so that may change.  We’ll see if Zinky keeps his very round belly.

I forgot to get the eyedrop refill until we were a few blocks away, but I took the kittens home and went back on my nicer bike.

More on the diagnosis:  they had a number of parvo tests come out positive on other cats and dogs, who got better within 2 days.  So it was more likely a bad test kit, or some other virus came along that makes them sick and registers on the test.  We’re just all grateful the critters were given a chance and managed to recover.

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One response to “Back From The Vet

  1. deb and Fuzz and Molly

    December 6, 2014 at 6:49 am

    I still give your persistent love and feeding and tender care much of the credit for these and all of the others!
    also.. an entry late but I really like the composition of that photo of Bob and the kitten, and it’s nice to see Bob in one of the pics too!


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