First Adoption Day

12 Dec

(link to video)  I took them in for their first adoption day.  They had a wild evening and morning of play at home.  Zooch got very good at taking the plastic cone off, so I tried a blue cloth one.  He only got it off once, and that might have been Zifra untying the lace for it.  It is now double-knotted.  Zooch had finally managed to drink with the plastic cone on; with the cloth one he could even eat kibble.  After one try last night, I’ve been letting him eat canned food conelessly.

Zifra managed to jump into the trashcan for the first time.

There wasn’t an adoption cage available yet, so the Z’s are in a back area cage.  The staff thought there would be an opening very soon.  The Z’s should be on the website.  I don’t yet see them on, but they are on petfinder —

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