Happily Ever…

03 Jan

For a picture and the happily ever after for Zinky, visit, and follow Kevin’s picture-a-day blog.  Zinky will likely appear often.

But for a bit more of yesterday’s story: we met at the shelter and Zinky got very annoyed at the length of time he was in the carrier as the paperwork and medical history were gone through.  There were a lot of papers to cover.  I had no idea that he has a heart murmur, but then, so did our cat Michiko who lived into her early 20’s.  And there’s the microchip information, free offers of insurance for a 1-month trial, coupons, how to care for your cat, etc.

In the shifting to a cardboard carrier, the favorite mousie toy got left behind, but I’ve picked it up for a later return.  While there, a family came in specifically for Zinky, which felt a little bad.  There was another black 3-month-old kitten, but it was listed as being very shy.

As Kevin and Laurel go by bike or foot, I carted Zinky for his last bike-trailer ride with me, to her apartment.  It’s only a few blocks from a Pet Food Express, a recommended vet, and the 24 hour emergency vet, so a vehicle shouldn’t be a problem.


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