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Wild Times

IMG_20150531_104240I made them a new chair sling, this time with a hole in it.  They had a great time this morning, racing and leaping and pouncing.  The littles are playing more with the bigs now, and not just by being chew toys.  I’m guessing 2 or 3 bigs may get spayed soon, leaving the littles with less entertainment.

Last night I saw what I think was a tapeworm in Anza’s poop.  Tomorrow they get a checkup and perhaps a worming.  The blood infusion counted as their 2nd set of vaccinations, but did not do any worming.  A renewal of flea control might also be good.



IMG_20150530_131752~2Collaring is more certain than coloring for identifying black kittens, but there are stripes that show up in bright light.  Hetch Hetchy has this grey muzzle that looks like she’s dipped it in grey milk.  She’s clean, but looks different from all the others.  (She pees differently too, and would benefit from a high sided or covered litter box.)  Tahoe has a flash of white on his neck, and he an Merritt are the small ones.  Shasta and Anza would be hard to tell apart, except that Shasta’s a little goofier and bouncier; Anza finds toys in everything.

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Okay, there’s the fun excitement of another meal–cat food again!–but this evening had a scarey excitement.  I was downstairs and suddenly there was a clunk and a kitten screaming, over and over.  I rushed up and found Shasta tangled in the kinky wire and the sling.  I cut the sling ties and the wire and she was freed and fine.  I still don’t know how she got tangled, but she does work at things with her head.  When digging a good spot in the litter box, she’ll plow with her head while digging with her paws.  She was butting the small box all around the room one day.  She’s creative.  A short while later, she was eating kibble and a little 1″ loop of wire that had hooked her collar, hooked the kibble dish holder.  So she was walking around dragging the kibble dishes.  She was calm about that.

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Kibblers All

IMG_20150527_071847Now even Merritt eats kibble.  I started feeding her separately a few times because she was not really gaining weight.  After everyone finished eating, I’d put her up on a table with more food and she’d chow down.  Left on her own, she’d go play, but given the opportunity, she showed she was still hungry.  I then put some kibble with water in the canned food dish and she liked that.  Later, she was eating dry kibble on her own.  So, yay!, they won’t stave if the canned food is delayed a while.

Anza and Shasta are well over 2 pounds now; Hetch Hetchy is a few ounces shy of the mark.  The littles are approaching 1.3 pounds.

They are all being super heros now, posing and leaping at each other.



IMG_20150524_174010 In recycling some decades old financial information, I was able to remove the wire binding.  It makes a lovely noisy long toy, that’s interesting for the entire length, without being a swallowing danger.

I also moved the tower and Hetch Hetchy had trouble figuring how to get down.  She finally hung halfway into the top floor hole and managed to fall inside it.IMG_20150524_174059~2



IMG_20150523_131114Shasta continues to be the class clown.  She’s working on hopping on just her back legs.  Everyone is having a grand time, racing back and forth and hitting things.

The little ones are weaned now and don’t even need me to aim their heads at the food any more.  I’m not getting up in the night to offer more food.  The only thing they need to learn now is how to eat kibble.  Seeing the big ones chow down on it may help.  Bringing canned food less often will help too.

They’re all getting pretty good at cleaning themselves, or at least each other: it’s hard to say.  The littles still stand in the food and track it about, but within an hour, their faces and feet are clean.  They may have help.


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IMG_20150522_110619~2Zippers are well-known to all kittens as things they should groom off of the hapless people holding them.  The zipper pulls should be removed and the tracks crunched.  This also works as a toothbrush for the kitten. They continue to do well, and I may have stopped using the bottle for the littles.

Only one viewer today, so I’ll add on.  Their vet visit was again handled with full precautions. They only tested Anza, who tested strongly positive last week.  He got a weakly positive today.  They all are behaving and growing as if they are perfectly healthy.

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