Lazy Day

10 May

IMG_20150510_121729The fur in front is a toy.  They’ve been good about litter box use, so I set up the tower today.  Anza and Shasta, really love it.  Anza is so up for any new toy.  The little ones are more active and prancy, although their play is less about following things and more about biting what’s in reach.  Feeding everyone canned food with a sauce of KMR, then giving the little ones a chance at the bottle is working out well for everyone.LakeKittenWeightsIt doesn’t look like much to worry about, but it was good to get growth after the first three days, as well as happier, more active campers.  I have the feeling Hetch was the runt of Shasta and Anza’s litter–he’s small but an advanced eater.  If all goes well, they’ll probably have surgery and adoption in two groupings.


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