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They Do Like Catnip

IMG_20150629_120645Back in the 60’s, there was an anti-drug film that had a hanging basket chair.  I wasn’t interested in the drugs nor the message, but I still really like that chair.  I have created this experience for the kittens.  I just need to add tne ‘nip and the music.

All 5 are still not adopted.


How To Pack Kittens

This morning, perhaps because Em video’d it, they co-operated with being packed for the trip to the shelter.  Usually I get three in, then as I slip #4 in, one of them squeezes out.


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All Five Together

IMG_20150626_190702Getting them all in one spot is less common now as each explores the far reaches of the closet and the now-accessible shelf.  They do love to cuddle though, with or without me.  Getting them all into a carrier is a challenge however.  One or two go in on their own, another can be hustled, then as someone is being co-erced, someone else figures it’s time to leave the carrier.  Tossing some treats in helps a little.  I guess it’s only about 15 pounds of cat when they’re all in it–less than some individual cats weigh, not naming names–but it sure feels hefty.


Long Cat, Long Video



All five are back.  I think they all wait until they’re home to poop.  I took a video of their ride to the shelter.

The cat’s-eye view of the trip to the shelter, via my android hanging on the carrier in the bike trailer.  The clickety sound is probably a cotter pin being brushed by the spokes.  Notice the sunflowers about 6:30 in; an unusual number of parked cars blocked the view of the snapdragons, gladiolas, and others.

Back in the 80’s, a co-worker video taped his commute to work–back then, actual tape was involved. He added toy dinosaurs to the dashboard view. Many of us spent lunch watching the video of his morning commute.  An homage to Dennis Nelson.


All Five Available For Adption Now

IMG_20150625_124823Both Merritt and Tahoe came through their neutering just fine.  They’re at least as wild and crazy as ever.  Everyone is available for adoption tomorrow.  The picture is of Anza and Hetch washing each other and cuddling.

Hetch Hetchy continues to get stronger and more in control of her body.  Plus she’s starving and keeps having to stop playing or resting to go eat.  She’s making up for her down time, when she was not quite maintaining her weight.  She’s gained 60 grams since before breakfast (about 2 ounces).



Another Late Breakfast

IMG_20150625_093015Merritt and Tahoe are out awaiting their spay/neuter surgeries, so the big kits had a late breakfast without them.

Hetch Hetchy has had a rough time.  She stayed grumpy and less active for a long time after her surgery–she’d play, but not as much. And her back legs would be weak or stiff.  Then she developed occasional head bobbing.  She saw the vet yesterday.   The diagnosis is some sort of cerebellum problem, possibly the cerebellar hypoplasia (CH) that Orchard of the overlapped O’s had, although the only early evidence was her odd stance while peeing.  She’s on antibiotics in case it’s a more current and bacterial infection and has really perked up.  If it’s CH, she maybe is great at compensating unless she has something else making her feel bad.  If it’s bacterial, she’s getting well.  CH is often a result of the mom having panleukopenia while pregnant.  Whatever it is, and whatever the cause, she’s feeling good most of the time now.


Batty Cats

the video.

This is Tahoe and Merritt going batty, with Shasta joining in at the end.


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IMG_20150622_100044They’re more focussed than the photo.  They were intent on grabbing the crochet hook I’d been using to finish off ends of yarn.  They did eventualy get the hang of it.


Three Stay-At-Homes

IMG_20150621_142304Hetch Hetchy is staying home from adoption because she has some sort of issue with her back legs.  They aren’t real steady, and she’s been touchy about the others playing with her tail or legs.  It does not stop her from racing about, climbing, and chewing bits of any of the other kittens, nor eating, and I can touch and manipulate her legs without complaint, but she is bothered, sleeps more, and will get a vet visit soon.  Because he kept getting out of the old green paper collar, Tahoe now sports a red cloth collar: I sometimes think he is Hetchy.  His muzzle now matches Hetch’s, and Merritt may also change to a greyish muzzle.


Rowdy Workout

The big 3 go off to try for forever homes again soon, so I was encouraging active play while they have the space.  Shasta is into high jumps and is getting more graceful.  This time, I used a music stand as a tripod for the camera on video mode so I could stay more steady.  It works, although someone crashed into the stand at one point.

Last night, Anza was acting spooked and hitting at things.  She’d jump out of her skin every time I touched her.  I don’t know what was bothering her, but I tried putting out a pinch of catnip: they all loved it and stayed fascinated a long time.  Anza finally relaxed.

(Felix: thank you for the note about the title.)