Big Anza

16 Jun

IMG_20150616_224555Big Anza in a rare still moment. The music stand light is great for lighting black kittens.  It accents their glossy fur.  It’s even hard to chew up, although I try to keep it out of reach.

Little Merritt is a fraction of an ounce shy of two pounds.  I don’t know if her surgery will be this week or next.  Hetch Hetchy took the surgery harder than the others.  She was subdued for a few days, and rather grumpy.  Last night she was feeling more normal.  She’s still maybe less wild, but she’s been having a lot of fun with my pj tie strings.  I ended up doing my arm exercises low so she could attack the strings without hanging onto my thighs with her claws.  A side effect of kitten season is my legs being kittened legs: lots of little scratches and scabs.


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