Another Late Breakfast

25 Jun

IMG_20150625_093015Merritt and Tahoe are out awaiting their spay/neuter surgeries, so the big kits had a late breakfast without them.

Hetch Hetchy has had a rough time.  She stayed grumpy and less active for a long time after her surgery–she’d play, but not as much. And her back legs would be weak or stiff.  Then she developed occasional head bobbing.  She saw the vet yesterday.   The diagnosis is some sort of cerebellum problem, possibly the cerebellar hypoplasia (CH) that Orchard of the overlapped O’s had, although the only early evidence was her odd stance while peeing.  She’s on antibiotics in case it’s a more current and bacterial infection and has really perked up.  If it’s CH, she maybe is great at compensating unless she has something else making her feel bad.  If it’s bacterial, she’s getting well.  CH is often a result of the mom having panleukopenia while pregnant.  Whatever it is, and whatever the cause, she’s feeling good most of the time now.


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