Five Little Saplings

17 Jul

IMG_20150717_185151 IMG_20150717_185128IMG_20150717_192451

[All my text got erased]

Okay, Re-introducing the saplings: grey Linden has the collar with squares, black Aspen, Grey Maple with the blue and green collar, black and white Sycamore with the narrow blaze and a single belly spot, and black and white Juniper with the very symmetric vest.  They are all boys and about 3 weeks old.  All but Linden are happier eating gooshy food than taking a bottle.  Some even chew the ceramic dish.  They have a bit of a cold and some eye gunk and fleas, but look to be in good shape.  They greys have fuzzy fur which may become long hair, and very short tails.  They’re the most outgoing of the group; the black and whites are not too sure about the world outside the box, but they’re catching on.


Posted by on July 17, 2015 in Tree cats 2015


2 responses to “Five Little Saplings

  1. Linda

    July 18, 2015 at 10:56 am

    Cuties — But who wears work boots while lying down with a throw and legs covered with cats? Something wrong with that picture.


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