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IMG_20150831_131942The two greys, Linden and Maple, are still with me, but I have a person interested in meeting and maybe adopting.  I’m told that Aspen, the black kitten, got a home with a black and white from another litter, and my two black and whites got a home together.  These guys seem a little lonely, but I’m sure would be happy withh a whole new place to explore.  When they’re wound up, they can crash into and knock down almost as much as 5 kittens could.  There’s fewer cat-to-cat collisions, so more cat-to-thing collisions.

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Brotherly Love

IMG_20150830_091007Maple and Linden are still waiting for the forever homes.  The carrier is so much lighter with just two.  The litter boxes get used so sparsely.  It’s a much quieter room.

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IMG_20150829_085020IMG_20150829_085009IMG_20150829_085114Now I just weigh them to make sure no one’s losing weight.  I’m hoping for discontinued lines on the weight chart, due to adoptions.  Go Tree Team!

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Chew Buddies

IMG_20150827_185519 IMG_20150828_084724Linden and Cypress are great chew buddies, chewing on things or on each other.  Today is the litter’s first adoption event, 11-5 at Berkeley Humane.

And all 5 are back here again.  Tomorrow and Sunday, same time, they’re up for adoption again.  It was pretty roasty-toasty at the shelter and they looked melted when I picked them up.

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Post Surgery Post

IMG_20150827_173136They were very happy to come home and find that the “no food” thing of the morning was a temporary aberration.  Tomorrow they go back for their first adoption day.  Everyone seems in fine spirits.

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Grey Kittens Staring

IMG_20150825_162031This is from yesterday, but better than today’s pictures.  Tonight, last food is midnight and no breakfast.  Sycamore reached 900 grams today, about an ounce shy of the goal, but maybe close enough.

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Power of the Spider

IMG_20150825_092132This novelty jumping spider may be my key for getting in at non-mealtimes.  They all love this toy.  They used to be leary when I’d squeeze the bulb to make it jump, but now everyone wants to nibble its legs.  Swinging the spider may distract them from escaping.

Thursday is probably neuter day.  Sycamore may still be under 2 pounds, but only by a couple ounces.

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