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IMG_20150930_133923Theo is again using the litterbox when placed there, and even managed a #2 on his own, without screaming.  We both like this development.  Everyone in the house and neighborhood probably appreciates it.

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Partial Feline Eclipse

IMG_20150928_132321Theo hasn’t let learned to worship the sun; he’s more a bottle-worshipper.  His colors look a little like last night’s lunar eclipse.

I’ve been giving him a little food now and sometimes it goes on down the gullet.  He has some teeth with more pushing on the gums.  He managed to poop last night, so maybe his pattern is every 3 days.

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Big People

IMG_20150926_160646This picture is from today, but yesterday, Theo was just resting on my lap.  When I spoke, he was obviously startled that I was there.  He hears well and responds to my voice, generally by demanding to be fed.  But I don’t think he realizes my lap and my voice are both part of me.  I’m so much bigger than he is, and even a lot bigger than a house cat.

He’s no longer peeing on his own in the litterbox, and still not pooping as much as he needs to.  I’ve been giving him some bran to soften the output, and today am adding a little canned food before the bottle.  This is mostly to get him used to other tastes, but a little to change the output.

He is teething now and likes to chew a finger if I make one available.

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Pig Wrestling

IMG_20150924_183957Theo really enjoys wrestling with Pink Pig in his heated bedroom.  He’s also learning how to swipe the bottle away from his face, despite wanting to have the bottle.  And the big scoop is that he pooped yesterday AND today so we don’t have to revisit the vet.  He did have his checkup today and he is getting a bit of oat bran with his meals to help soften his stool.

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Moving Day

IMG_20150923_150139Theo is now in the kitten room, in the under-desk space.  Now he can wander a little.  He seems pretty fond of Pink Pig.

I set him in the litter box after a bottle, and he peed, nice and neatly: new life skill.  He hasn’t pooped since Sunday evening though.  I think increased control is another skill, which could use some refining.  I’m hoping the litter under his feet will inspire him, but he sees the vet tomorrow instead of Friday.  He’ll be 3 weeks old then and can get some deworming and such.

The friend’s cats are back with her, and probably thrilled to be outside again.


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IMG_20150921_121201Theo looks and travels with intent, if not with grace.  His belly is very big, so he tips over a lot–very common for this age.  His belly button scab came off.  His left eye was gunked shut when I woke him for this meal.  It cleaned up nicely and does not look inflamed.  We’ll avoid eye ointments if we can–that’s a week or more of twice daily nuisance.

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IMG_20150919_120616Clean feet are important to Theo.  He can now walk/creep with his belly clearing the ground and is wanting more wandering time and social time.


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