Big People

26 Sep

IMG_20150926_160646This picture is from today, but yesterday, Theo was just resting on my lap.  When I spoke, he was obviously startled that I was there.  He hears well and responds to my voice, generally by demanding to be fed.  But I don’t think he realizes my lap and my voice are both part of me.  I’m so much bigger than he is, and even a lot bigger than a house cat.

He’s no longer peeing on his own in the litterbox, and still not pooping as much as he needs to.  I’ve been giving him some bran to soften the output, and today am adding a little canned food before the bottle.  This is mostly to get him used to other tastes, but a little to change the output.

He is teething now and likes to chew a finger if I make one available.

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Posted by on September 26, 2015 in Theo


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