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Before Halloween

IMG_20151031_113951Just a relaxed day.  He was pretty active earlier…

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Stepping Up

IMG_20151029_172200I set the ramp to the bottom step, and a towel over the next one, and showed Theo he could get up there.  Now he does it on his own.  He also has started trying to pull up on the door barricade–he can’t get over yet, but he’s working on it.  He’s 8 weeks old today, and less than 4 ounces shy of the 2 pound fixing goal.

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Omnivorous Cat

IMG_20151027_122739Actually, i cheated: the second photo is from last night.  In the upper photo, I was trying to inspire Theo to hop or pull up onto the lowest step.  He decided he’d try to chew the ladder lower.

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UV Cat

IMG_20151025_213256My little led light that has a lot of UV turns Theo blue in the camera, but not to my eyes.  I may try glowsticks with him, but being careful not to allow any chance to chew on them.  Anyhow below is a natural light picture, showing off his multi-color toe-beans.


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Tolerant Cat

IMG_20151024_141255Theo is a very tolerant cat.


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Eyes on the Prize

IMG_20151023_105506Keep your eyes on the prize, and if it moves, bite it.

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I was gone at work yesterday–the first time Theo has been without me in a long time.  My husband fed him and sat with him.  Theo was shy at first, but his social needs won out.  Today he got a lot of time on my lap.

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