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Theo News

IMG_0123Theo eats kibble, jumps onto a bed, apparently enjoys live oboe music, and gets to see more than one room in his house.  He’s met Willow, a calico who preceded him by a few years.  Although she’s not pleased, she has not been too aggressive.  Now he just needs to learn to clean the top of his nose.

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Settled In


Theo is enjoying his new bed, and probably a warmer house than mine.

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Home Run

IMG_20151107_085942Theo got to explore our house this morning, up and down the stairs, in and out of rooms.  Then his new mom came and he’s off for a car ride and a new home to explore, a new adult cat to get used to, and new people to cheer him on in his new life.

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IMG_20151106_094901Now that Theo is a house guest, and it’s warmer outside than inside, we can have a little time out on the front balcony.  Here, Theo is on the frog cage so I could pose him with the flowers.  He’s feeling fine now, but didn’t want to sleep on the heating pad if it was in the carrier.


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Home Again

IMG_20151105_164315I picked up a very subdued Theo this afternoon.  Some kittens are crazy wild after surgery and some just want home comfort.  Theo is also getting a little more chicken.

Last night, he learned a new skill: jumping from my fiddle case to my lap.  The case is under 4 inches tall, and I was sitting on the floor about 6 inches away, so most folks would not be impressed, but it was his first time doing that.  He did it over and over, getting praised each time.

NEWS FLASH!  Theo just drank some water–first time I’ve ever seen him do that.

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Tomorrow Is Snip Day

IMG_20151104_090246Theo is getting an extra-big meal tonight, including some chicken, because he gets no food past midnight: neutering tomorrow.  No breakfast, which is his favorite meal–he likes two or three a day.  The nerf gun dart is extra, although not very nutritional.

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IMG_20151102_150603In keeping with his “chew anything but kibble” penchant, and to free my arms, hands, and feet, I got Theo a corrugated cardboard box to bite.  He has been happily making reverse braille pokes all over the short flaps.  At 31 ounces, he can afford a little cardboard in his diet.

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