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A Lapful of Kittens

Here’s a video of the cuddle puddle.  They had a checkup yesterday and got strongid and some flea treatment–my home cats’ flea treatment has been less successful lately and a few fleas chose the kittens.  They’re 10 to 11 ounces each now, eyes open, and ears growing.


Cuddle Time

IMG_20160327_200222They’re doing pretty well with their pumpkin lattes.  They’re two weeks old.  I’m introducing the litter box as a different place to be, nothing more yet.  Embers eyes are just starting to open.  The smallest is a smidge over half a pound.



IMG_20160326_142356I moved them to the under-table space, although I’m still shutting them in the crate, with its heating pad.  All but Ember have their eyes open, but all still need to be placed to go back into the carrier.

Everyone has pooped in the last 24 hours, but they’re probably resolved not to do that again.  The bran sort of works; I’ll try pumpkin puree next.  It could be pumpkin lattes, but without the coffee and spices, but I’ll probably just slip a smidge in before the bottle to have more control of the dosage.




IMG_20160324_100713The girls have a wee bit of eye visible now.  You can see the little black almond shapes toward the inside edge of each eye.  Daffodil was the first, which I was not expecting–she was the last to drop the umbilical cord.


Working On Output

IMG_20160323_213548This was a “take your kittens to work” day.  The kittens had a nice walk and BART ride, and then hung out while I did some programming.  When we got home, they caught up on their output duties.  They are a little constipated, but coping.

Their ears are getting bigger and maybe allowing more sound in.  Their eyes are still sealed shut.



Boudoir Pic

IMG_20160322_142417There’s a few more days until their eyes open, so I can get away with lighting their sleeping quarters.

They have been getting more constipated, but a warm bath worked its magic on the boys.  I’ll see if the girls need this encouragement.


Tired Kittens

IMG_20160321_135330Shortly after I took this picture, the boys rolled off my lap.  Echo was too tired to get up off the stand light.  You can see the bottles they’d indulged in.



All Cordless

IMG_20160319_094753Daffodil lost her umbilical cord yesterday.  They’re still eating well and now purr during the cuddles afterward.  They’re up to 4 or 5 ounces each now (121 to 145 grams, from 90-112 g Tuesday night).  The next milestone will be their eyes opening, probably some time next week.



IMG_20160318_093848The kittens are dedicated climbers.  It is easier to take the calf-to-thigh route, but sometimes they manage to scale the thigh-cliff without a step. Three out of four are cordless now–the boys already were yesterday.  This means the 3/13/2016  bithday is a good guess.



The kittens get a little exercise before I point them back into the carrier.  My hand give a sense of scale, as well as bad camera aiming.