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Case Studies

As you can see in the video, Ember does not just mope in my lap: he’s been climbing and running around.  The mandolin and ukulele cases make great hiding places.  I don’t think he puts much weight on the right leg but he doesn’t let it get in his way.  He was wrestling with his sister, Daisy earlier and complained, but when she stopped, he worked at getting her back, doing the kitty “bring it!” motions.



No Fever

IMG_20160429_134632Ember had his pain shot renewed and his temperature taken.  His leg still is sore, but his temperature is normal now.  He does not approve of thermometers.


Lazy Time, Finally

IMG_20160427_214952 IMG_20160427_214758They were pretty rowdy this evening–too rough for Ember some of the time.  He still is fairly subdued, but plays a little and eats a lot if I hand-feed him.  I can touch anywhere on his leg, but he doesn’t take well to being tackled.

The girls have learned to climb up onto my head to reach high places–high for them anyhow.  My prior few litters were not big on getting up onto shelves and desktops.  This group will be more challenging.

They all had a vet visit Tuesday.  All but Ember got their 2nd fvrcp shot.  He still had a mild fever.  He got the time-release pain med so he’ll have a more constant dose.  He gets a checkup Friday.



Ember’s Adventure

IMG_20160425_104152So last weekend was a time of much business, with 2 evening concerts and a matinee.  Saturday night, I got home around 11 and go check on the kittens.  They all come out and three are eager to eat, but Ember wants only to be held.  He kept crying when held, stopping only somes as I petted him.  Then I realized he was shivering along with purring: he was hurting.  I set him down and he didn’t want to put any weight on his back right leg.  I didn’t feel anything odd nor trigger any screams when I felt the foot and leg, but I didn’t check very high up.  I called the overnight emergency number, chatted about options, and decided to bike him down to the 24-hour emergency vet.  They took his vitals and noted a fever.  At 3 a.m. he finally got to see the doctor.  I decided against x-rays at the time, because I thought there would be a vet at the Humane Society in a few hours.  He got pain meds, which was my main prioity at the time, and a diagnosis of a break or pull up past the knee.  He had been pretty panicky for the first hour, but settled down with cuddling even before meds.  When we got home, he was very glad to have a litterbox to use–I could tell he had wanted one, but they didn’t have anything and he was too well behaved to use the carrier.

In the morning I found he’d need to return there for the x-rays because there was no doctor at the shelter Sunday.  As I was leaving at 11 for the matinee, my very patient husband, Bob, took him, a lot of magazines, and a cloth bag to make cuddling more secure.  After the performance, at 5, I called and they had just returned.  Saturday night through Sunday are their busiest hours.  There is only soft tissue damage, but the possibility of infection, so he has 10 days of antibiotics.

I don’t know how the injury happened.  Bob had fed them around 7 and all four looked fine.  Probably the kitten had snagged the leg when falling or jumping off something.  I learned a few things: brush you teeth before a late night trip to emergency.  Bring a litterbox if you’re taking box-trained kitties.  Bring reading material you can manage with one hand.  After other trips I learned to post emergency numbers on the kittens’ door to reduce phone fumbling.


He is doing well now: still limping and subdued, but able to get around. His appetite improved and his weight is coming back up.  He should be fine soon.


All The Big Toys

IMG_20160422_102123They have the tower now and are learning its ins and outs.  I’ve sterilized the bottles and finished of the mixed formula in their food.  The next skills may be drinking water and eating kibble.

This will be a somewhat lonely weekend for them as I’ll be off at fiddle club concerts––Sacramento, Yountville, and Livermore.  The kittens will have my husband and visitors so they’ll be fine, but it won’t be the usual routine.  But weaning is a break in routine too.


“Mom Caught Me Sleeping”

IMG_20160420_184041Ember doesn’t always show up well in pictures, but those teeth!  Shortly after the picture, he curled up, and then tumbled off my lap and cushion.  They’re all pretty photogenic.IMG_20160420_185046


Shoulder Love

Daisy Knows How To Cuddle (video)

They are weaned now.  No bottle this morning and no fingers needed for dining this afternoon.  These guys are well on their way.

Echo has been noticing there is a tail near him much of the time and he is quite fascinated.