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IMG_20160629_202230Aquaman likes to play ‘surprise’ and get belly rubs.  I realized today that he is a pretty rare cat in that he is male but has white, black, and orange markings.  The orange bits are stripey, not spotty, and mostly on his ears and back legs.  He may have an extra X chromosome.  Just also realized chromosome has chrome–color–in it.

Flash is now over two pounds big.  Aquaman is 1.5, but they’re all gaining nicely.  They had a checkup, shots, and worming today and are fine.

Green Arrow is hardly ever shy now.  When happy, she holds her tail nearly flat along her back.  I call her “skinky tail” because it’s skunk-like, but not stinky.

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Lazy Day

IMG_20160626_141421Even lazy about the blog.

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2 Feathers, 2 Pipe Cleaners, 1 Straw

IMG_20160625_085141… and 3 kittens.  It makes a good door toy too because it wiggles well on both sides and takes a little while to pull through.

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Hugs and Kicking

IMG_20160623_130638Weight is being gained; digestion and smells are improving.

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The Gang

IMG_20160621_104134They’re all doing well.  Green Arrow is still shy, but climbs into my lap when she’s ready.  Visitors get the kittens’ attention better if I’m out of the room, so they do enjoy other people too.

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IMG_20160618_121625Flash got very “in my face” this morning, going so far as to nibble my eyelid.  I think she was trying to let me know I should be licking her.  Cuddling sufficed, and eventually Green Arrow joined us.  Aquaman napped all morning in one of the many slings I set up.  I’ve removed the under-table caging and let them have the whole room full time.  Even Arrow who gets nervous when I enter the room doesn’t hide.  (A problem with truly feral cats is that they hide, and get more scared the longer you muck about hunting for them.)  The under table area is still the safe place they head for if they’re scared.

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Look, Ma! Less Claw!

IMG_20160617_120502I trimmed their front claws today.  I don’t imagine that ever happened to them before, but they submitted gracefully.  They don’t understand why it’s harder to climb my arms and back, but it’s nicer for me.

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